our services

At CWM we strive to deliver the best service to the people of Oxford and Northern Mississippi. We have several services available, please choose below which one you are needing. Contact us for a quote and let’s get the job done together. 


Roll off Containers

CWM offers open top roll-off containers for construction and demolition debris. These containers range from 15, 20, 25, 30, and 40 cubic yards. Just pick the dumpster size that fits your needs or contact us so we can help evaluate your waste removal needs.



CWM offers compactors for solid waste. These compactors are custom designed and manufactured to meet your exact needs. Whether a new business, existing business, apartment complex, or manufacturing plant we are certain that we can offer a compactor and the associated service that fits your needs.


STORAGE Containers

CWM offer Storage Containers for temporary storage needs. These 20’ storage units are water tight and equipped with full height doors on at least one end. These containers are perfect for temporary storage during a move, storage of construction materials throughout a project, or just to hide your extra junk!